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Monday, November 17, 2008

Priceless Moments

Ok. In my last blog I stated that there were no advantages to being hearing impaired in the restaurant industry.
There is.
It was one of the funniest things I've ever experienced as a lip reader. Two employees were discussing me, the manager, and the restaurant in well,,,not so nice of terms. I was reading this from inside the kitchen through the window of the kitchen door. I told the manager what I was about to do, then as he watched...
I went around the kitchen, came up from behind them, put my arms around their shoulders and explained to them that there was a reason for the things they were discussing, the reason was "The manager and I want them that way." I also told them that out in the dining area was not the place to be having that discussion and it was inappropriate to be using profanity.
IT WAS TOO FREAKIN' FUNNY!!! They went white as ghost. They knew they were BUSTED, but they had no clue how they got caught.
Me and the manager had a good laugh over that one.
It was priceless.
Today there WAS an advantage. Today it was all okay.