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Wednesday, November 5, 2008

The Pain of a Loaner Hearing Aid

I had forgotten what it was like when "loud" noises hurt. The loaner aid I'm wearing is not digital. It has a volume control. Wow. I had forgotten. I missed my volume control so much when I changed to digital. But now, after wearing an older analog aid for over a week now,,, I'm grateful for the lack of control I have. Its nice to have aids that adjust on their on. Cam squeals in my ear and it HURTS. Power tools are a no, no. And the high pitch beeping and clanking noises in the kitchen at work are torture, not annoying -PAINFUL!
The sound is so different too. Its bland. Dull. And it has NO DIRECTION. At least I can get a general idea of how far away a sound is with my digital aids, but with the loaner....Nothing.
I will be so grateful to get my aid back.