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Sunday, September 21, 2008

Camera, Lights, Action!

The weekend is over tomorrow is Monday. Time for Cam to go back to school.
It makes me angry that he has to go to that school and fend for himself.
It saddens my heart that things haven't changed any since I myself battled the daily isolation of being left in the dark.

Just for a minute you imagine your an elementary school aged child say 6 or 7 years old, sitting at your desk coloring, then realizing all your classmates are getting up and forming a line at the door. You do what they do. The children have their finger over their mouth as to be quite as they walk down the hall. You do what they do. You wonder to yourself, "where are we going". Can't ask, so you just do what they do... You come to a halt down a long narrow hallway, one you've never been on before. You see lines of children in front and behind you. At the front of the line children are going into a room alone, one at a time. When they come out your looking for signs of what they might have been doing in there. Is it good, bad, scary, fun, boring? They are coming out of the room happy, so it must not be bad or scary.
Finally your turn to go arrives... You peep around the door...

Its picture day! Oh, how exciting! Pictures!

Bet you wish you would have known today was picture day, could have worn that really awesome outfit you had all picked out for picture day. You thought it was next week? Silly child. That's why everyone had on their "nice" stuff today. Did they tell everyone that the day had changed, wait, had it changed? How did you miss that? Oh thats what the teacher was talking about yesterday afternoon before you went home, you thought she was talking about music class being in a new location. You thought she didn't want you to forget about music.
How did they know?

I'll tell you how they knew.
They knew because they weren't living their lives in the dark.

It must be nice to go to school and know whats going on around you. It must be nice to have teachers that make sure you know. It must be nice not having to think so hard to figure things out for yourself.
It must be nice...

I wouldn't know.

My son will though, if it kills me.
He will not have to spend his childhood in the dark.
I may not be able to go with him, but I can make sure he has a flashlight...

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