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Wednesday, February 4, 2009

For hearing aids to be most effective, they must first be worn.

I've been so appalled by what happened last week that my heart wasn't even into writing about it.
My little boy went an entire day at school without his hearing aids because his teacher had them on her desk...
Preposterous you say, but I am here to tell you it happened.
His batteries went dead at 9:30 am in the gym. He goes back to class, his teacher then makes the assumption that he had been sent to the office to call us. (btw, I personally gave her a pack of batteries and Cam knows how to change them himself) 10:30, 11:30, 12:30, 1:30, 2:30, 3:10 his dad picks him up at school. When Cam gets in the van, he doesn't have his hearing aids...
She never bothered to call us, and it was so unimportant to her that she didn't even remember to give them back to him at the end of the day!!!!
Disgusting isn't it?
And Oh btw, when my husband went into the school to retrieve the aids, the teacher couldn't even find the hearing aid batteries that I gave her.

Let's just say Cam's School is in for A BIG WAKE UP CALL!!!
I have a meeting in the morning with the head of the Board of Education. If that doesn't make me happy I will go to the State.

If anyone has any suggestions, please feel free to shoot me any suggestions or links!


SpeakUp Librarian said...

That's awful! I'm glad you're pursuing this. Your son's teacher needs educating.

kim said...

I would have said, "Un-frickin-believable!" except it's only too believable. Obviously the teacher doesn't have a clue. I don't know how old your son is, but if he can change the batteries on his own, perhaps he could keep a spare set in his backpack? That way you wouldn't have to worry about teachers misplacing them.

Amy Kay said...

Thanks Sarah. Education she shall get :)

Amy Kay said...

He is 5 years old, but that is actually a great idea. I just never would have thought in my wildest dreams that a teacher would be so irresponsible. Guess I was educated as well in this situation... Thanks for the idea.

SpeakUp Librarian said...

Hi AmyKay,
I just came across this social networking group on Ning for parents of deaf and hard of hearing children. You might want to check it out.

kym said...

your poor little guy.
it is obvious the teacher needs an education when it comes to hearing loss.
kim's suggestion was good, an extra set of batteries in his backpack is a good idea too.

good luck with the teacher.