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Sunday, October 12, 2008

The Journey Out of Darkness

I'm feeling very overwhelmed right now. I've been doing my research for hearing aids. Found the perfect ones for Cam and I.
They can be ours, for a one time low price of: $10,198.00!
Thats right folks, over 10 grand.
I have health insurance. Woopee. It has a discount plan for hearing aids that will save us "UP" to 25%. That brings our total (if we get the entire 25%) to $7,648.50.
Do you know what I make in a year? Less than $15,000.
It would take me 8 months, or more, to save that, saving EVERY cent.
Geez. Thats horrible.

My money is mine. Lar pays all the bill and takes care of us. So I can spend my cash on extra things for myself and Cam. Anything special. Clothing, sports, fun, school activities.

Not to mention that even if we scrimped and saved and found away to make it work, Cam and I would have to go an entire year without the aids we so desperately need.

Got to find a way to make it happen.

So! The journey for new aids begins.