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Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Closed Captioning in my Mind

We have had our first bit of warm weather here! Its so nice.
Not too much happening in the Hard of Hearing part of my life. Just the everyday getting by and irritation at not hearing things I want to hear.
Now that I'm aware of the world thats out there, I hate missing out. I've noticed that I have the biggest trouble with groups or side conversations (as do most HoH people) where people think you were listening in, and expect a response....I don't know what to say so I do the...(uhhhh), smile, nod, (please be the right response), look away quickly. Irritating. When I'm in a group I try not to talk too much, I tend to make myself look like an idiot. People are like "What are you talking about?", and then I'm like "Oh, I thought we were talking about something different, never mind." then I exit as quickly as I can to avoid any more humiliation. Sometimes I wish I had closed captioning in my mind or better yet on the inside of my glasses, like they do on those sci-fi movies! Only in the movies its enemy info they are reading, but the same concept.


SpeakUp Librarian said...

I remember reading about a device (in development perhaps?) that you could hold near someone speaking that would translate the words into text for you to read. I would definitely want to get one of those for work!!! Well, as soon as it is proven to transcribe accurately, I don't want to lose my job after all.

Toni said...

I so agreed with you on this topic. I have to go through this everyday especially when I'm in a board meeting.

小小彬 said...